Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Tick Would be Proud

"In between segments, I'd let our sour yeast of hatred ferment in the dark oak cask of my soul, then once a month I'd untap the spigot for four minutes and pour the putrified vintage of my loathing into his miserable snail-like ears!" - Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Flock meet Blogger'

I have finally succumbed to the forces of Google-the-new. Someone should write "The Epic of Google"...but maybe wait until the stock is only semi-overvalued.

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Flock, meet New Google, otherwise known as New Blogger, otherwise known as New-Blogger-after-steroids (erm, I mean hype)....

Good good - they're getting along quite nicely they are...

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New Blogger

I have finally succumbed to the forces of Google-the-new. Someone should write "The Epic of Google"...but maybe wait until the stock is only semi-overvalued.

So anyway we shall see if I like the new.... setup. We shall see. For now - 'tis bedtime.

Until next time,

Be Seeing you....

Number 2

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well HEY THERE! Long time no see - assuming there is anyone still peeking around the door jamb every once in a while to be sure I'm still alive maybe... lol

Came to see what the "new" Blogger is all about. Not sure how I feel about it yet until I explore it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Belated Summary of World Cup Germany 2006

Basically this Cup was not without many surprises and plenty of excitement... up until the very last minutes!! This I was not expecting. Not to this extent anyhow. But I loved it. After all, isn't this what dutiful fans get for a reward? What do I mean by this? Quite simple really. For so many Americans (for this is my current locale and citizenry, sadly or not depending on how you look at it) the World Cup passed on by as a minor blip on the nightly news, maybe when it first began and then again when it ended. But that's about it. Oh, and maybe there's someone at work who keeps talking about it. And there's a growing and ever hopeful, and patriotic, minority of folks who watched up until the US was so summarily trounced. Hence, those of us who are legit fans, who printed out the scoresheets and kept dutiful records of every game _as they happened_, who found a way to stay tuned to most every game even from work!, were rewarded for our _paying attention_ to discover many hidden surprises within the games. Some of them were huge, like Brazil not making it to the finals! Some were slightly less so, like who it was that sent the US team packing (Ghana!!). Et cetera.

And I will likely revisit this topic but that's it for now. :)

As for Zidane - it's not news anymore. Really it's not. Fact of the matter is, I understand. It wasn't cool - no. It was dramatic. It made for some interesting photos. But bottom line is: Materazzi is a jerk at best and a flaming racist at worst, _and_ Zidane has a pretty bad temper. But we knew the latter and the former probably isn't a surprise to some. Did Z cause the downfall of the French team? Did he steal the victory from out of his teammates hands in that split second reaction? Who can say? Probably. But that's between them and him. And I'm 100% sure he wouldn't do it quite the same way if he had it to do over again. And I'm sure he is as sorry as he says. Makes sense. But there will be those who will not forgive him. And he just has to live with that. The whole incident actually makes a good teaching tool for anger management and the consequences of not controlling ones temper/reactions. But I forgive him. And I'm happy for the Italians - they deserved to win just as much, they fought hard and Buffon is absolutely the best GK (can't wait to see him on Arsenal!!). As for Materazzi - well I'll let others judge him, I've chosen to not read too much about him...for fear I may want to headbutt him myself! ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, I've been so busy with remodeling, and recently (at work) end of the fiscal year nonsense and such that I've not had anytime to blog at all in such a long time. With some exceptions, mind you, but not many.

This is ok though because ... well bc it is. :)

So my latest observation is the way in which the concept of torture is being co-opted and sanitized for the masses. Recently on NPR, it was said that "The US does in fact practice torture." and the statement fell so flat and so dull and without any shock value or anything, that I almost held my breath in amazement.
So just keep an eye/ear out for more linguistic subtleties...I gotta run but I'll try to say more soon. Cheers!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup - Day Two

World Cup - Day Two
Yay excitement!

It looks like this series is going to be full of excitement and surprise, if the first day is any predictor, with Ecuador's amazing upset against Poland! Sadly I missed it.

Today though I followed them all fairly closely save the best one. Grr. Of course.

Instead I got my kicks, so to speak, from the Argentina-Cote'd'Ivore game. ARG took it 2-1 but CIV put in such a good fight that it could easily have been much different. But I worry about them against Holland next Friday. We shall see...

The first game of the day, England vs. Paraguay was a disappointment at 8 minutes in! But then Paraguay got their act together and held the score at 1-0. Still, that self-inflicted goal had to have hurt BIG TIME. And neither side really seemed to be on their game. So, naturally, I had trouble enjoying the rest of the game also. I'm just mad that ENG won with such poor attacking is all. And would have been interested to see Paraguay win, or at least put in a better showing.

Trinidad and Tobago vs. Sweden was actually a very very exciting game with no score, though I wasn't really able to follow much of that game live (otherwise I am 100% sure I'd have talked about it first). But of course the most noted bullet point on that game is the size factor, i.e. that T&T is the smallest country in the tourney but they managed to hold their own against Sweden. Someone on a blog said "yeah, but sweden isn't a great team...they're good but not great" what? does that somehow detract from T&T's performance? With a man down the whole of the 2nd half no less?! Yay Hoslip! More more more!

Then there is Day Three! Can't wait - breakfast is suddenly so much more worthy of being put off until 9. :D Netherlands v. Serbia and Montenegro is the first...

Looks like I'll suddenly jump right back into being a quotidian blogger again, thanks to the games!

But if you don't see a post here check my LJ site as that gets updated more frequently these days. laughinglioness - let me know if you are on LJ and I'll add you esp since there are occ. locked posts there...